Task 2 :-Aws Netflix Case Study

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First know -What is Cloud Computing

The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

For running an application Or program we need operating system that runs on computer that is ( RAM , CPU, Hard disk) .

What is AWS ❓

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers — including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies — are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

Why do we need AWS ❓

During a new business or start-up , and budget is not enough we can use resources like RAM CPU AND HD from AWS . And can pay as we go on increasing a number of clients. AWS provides the autoscaling in which if one server gets filled with > 80% RAM then on the fly launch other server and keep on doing so.. AIRBNB — this company also using resources from AWS. Similarly Netflix.

According to Intricately, the top ten AWS users based on EC2 monthly spend are:

  1. Netflix: $19 million
  2. Twitch: $15 million
  3. LinkedIn: $13 million

Netflix is world’s leading Internet television network.

A lot of big companies have implemented AWS like McD, Banks, payments gateways, financial services, biogen, arm, Bank of America.

Why AWS the leading cloud platform

Most functionality

AWS has significantly more services, and more features within those services, than any other cloud provider–from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and Internet of Things. This makes it faster, easier, and more cost effective to move your existing applications to the cloud and build nearly anything you can imagine.

Most secure

AWS is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Our core infrastructure is built to satisfy the security requirements for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organizations. This is backed by a deep set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features. AWS supports 90 security standards and compliance certifications, and all 117 AWS services that store customer data offer the ability to encrypt that data.

Fastest pace of innovation

With AWS, you can leverage the latest technologies to experiment and innovate more quickly. We are continually accelerating our pace of innovation to invent entirely new technologies you can use to transform your business. For example, in 2014, AWS pioneered the serverless computing space with the launch of AWS Lambda, which lets developers run their code without provisioning or managing servers.

Most proven operational expertise

AWS has unmatched experience, maturity, reliability, security, and performance that you can depend upon for your most important applications. For over 13 years, AWS has been delivering cloud services to millions of customers around the world running a wide variety of use cases. AWS has the most operational experience, at greater scale, of any cloud provider.


Netflix is the world’s leading internet television network, with more than 100 million members in more than 190 countries enjoying 125 million hours of TV shows and movies each day.

Where Netflix store and process the data ?

Netflix uses AWS(Amazon Web Service) for nearly all its computing and storage needs, including databases, analytics, recommendation engines, video trans-coding, and more than hundreds of functions that in total use more than 100,000 server instances on AWS.

Why Netflix Migrate to AWS ?

In 2008, Netflix was majorly working on DVD-by-mail service. Due to database corruption incident, DVD shipping was disrupted for three days.

Netflix management decided to move to the cloud, away from relational systems in their data centers. The shift happened from vertical scaling of particular failure points to horizontal scaling of distributed systems which were highly reliable. The cloud was that of AWS (Amazon Web Services) which offered the company the ability to scale as much as they needed. After shifting to AWS, scaling became seamless as petabytes of data could be used to stream videos within minutes. This transformation makes the drastic change in the Netflix business.


This Netflix DNS architecture built on Amazon Route 53 and augmented with Netflix’s Zuul , that allows the team to evacuate an entire region in less than 40 minutes.


Today, Netflix is the 10th largest Internet company in the world. Are you aware that during the peak traffic hours more than one-third of North American Internet traffic goes through Netflix’s systems? ‘Supporting such rapid growth would have been extremely difficult out of our own data centers; we simply could not have racked the servers fast enough,’ Netflix’s blog post says. It continues, ‘Elasticity of the cloud allows us to add thousands of virtual servers and petabytes of storage within minutes, making such an expansion possible.’ So, that is the power of Amazon Web Services propelling one of the most ambitious companies on earth, Netflix, into uncharted territory and runaway success!

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